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Champhai Police te chuan hmeichhia, pianphunga rualbanlo pawngsualtua puh an man.
Champhai veng pakhata nu pakhat chuan a fanu pianphunga rualbanlo, Kum 18 mi chu Ningani tlai dar 4:30 leh dar 5:00 inkar vel khan C.Liandailova, Kum 60 miin a duh lo chung mipat hmeichhiatna a hmanpui ni ngeia a hriat avangin, Champhai Police Station-ah thubuai a theh lut a. A fanu chunga mawi lo taka che lakah hian dan anga hremna lekkhawh sak turin a ngen a ni. Pawngsualtua puh hi Champhai Police-te’n man nghalin thubuai siamsak a ni a, District Court-a hruai a nih hnuin Champhai District Jail-ah dah luh nghal a ni.

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