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Nizan hmasa khan Champhai Police te chuan Naupang kum tling lo pawngsualtu a puh an man.
Champhai District chhunga khaw pakhata pa pakhat chuan a fanu kum 5 mi chu mi pakhatin a pawngsual nia sawiin, Champhai Police Station-ah FIR a thehlut a.
A fanu hi an veng tlangval pakhatin a inah tihluihnaa hruai lutin a pawngsual a, a pawngsual hnu hian sawichhuak lo turin a vau zui niin a sawi bawk. Champhai Police te chuan hemi chungchang hi chhui zui nghalin, pawngsualtua puh hi nizan hmasa khan an man a. POCSO Act tlawhchhana thubuai siamsak niin, nimin khan District Court-ah hruai niin, Lung Inah khung nghal a ni.

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