PHED hotute siksawi

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Nimin khan Secretary, PHED chuan hriattirna tichhuakin, Champhai SE HB Chakma chu SE(U) E-in-C Office, Aizawlah sawn a ni a, a, hmun ruak hi SE(U) E-in-C hna chelh lai mek0C.Lalhmahruaia chuan a rawn luah ang.  C.Zirkhuma,  EE(P) Champhai  WATSAN Circle chu EE, Lunglei  Water Supply Maintenance Division a sawn a niin a hmun ruak hi Allan Lalthalura, EE, Rural WATSAN Division, Lunglei chuan a rawn luah ang. SDO Champhai Project Division hna chelh mek V.Laldanmawia chu ŠDO Mamit hna chelh tura sawn a ni a, a hmun ruak hi Vanlalmuanawma, AE, E-in-C Office, Aizawl chuan a rawn luah ang a. C.Lalchawimawia, Khawbung, SDO, WATSAN Sub-Division chu SDO, AWDD ‘S’ Division N-II hnachelh tura sawn a ni a, a hmun ruak hi SDO, AWDD Sub-Division N-II hna chelh mek K.Rochhuma chuan a  rawn luah ve thung ang.

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