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KVIB leh DIC hnuaia PMEGP Loan dilte chu nimin khan I&PR Conf. Hall,CHANEM-ah kohkhawm anni a, personal Interview neihpui an ni.
Personal Interview neih hma hian Alexander V Chawngthu, DC kaihhruain District Level Task Force committee chu l&PR conference Hall ah an thukhawm a. He hunah hian PMEGP kum 2019-2020 loan diltute kawm dan tur leh loan pek an nih dan turte sawiho a nih bakah Loan pek
tur an thlanchhuah dan tur kawng te sawiho a ni. Kum danga an lo tih tawh thin angin Agency pahnih KVIB leh DIC hnuai atangin PMEGP Loan an pechhuak leh dawn a, nimin khan Loan diltute chu kohkhawm niin personal interview neihpui an ni. He hunah hian Champhai chhunga Bank hrang hrang aiawh te chuan interview hi an neihpui a, KVI hnuaiah mi 170 leh DIC hnuaia mi 35 te’n loan hi an dil a ni. Bank lam hian interview an neih atangin loan. pek tlaka an ngaih an thlang chhuak ang a, remchang hmasa berah Loan hi pekchhuah an ni dawn a ni. Loan hi sawrkar chuan za a 30 a tum dawn a ni.

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