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UPC (MZ) PYD Gen. Conference chu Zirtawpni kalta zan atanga nizan thleng khan Hnahlan playground ah neih a ni a. Inrinni khan nilengin Palai rorel inkhawm an nei a ni. Zirtawp zan, Inrinni zan atanga nizan thleng khan sermon inkhawm neih a bawk. Conference ah hian Pastor Lalhmangaihawma, Pastor Lalhmachhuana, Rev. H. Lalrawnkima, Pastor Lalrinenga leh F.Lalneihthangi te’n thu an sawi a. Mual inkhawmah Tirhkoh Emmanuel Lalthianghlima leh Inrinni-a rorel lo inkhawm-ah Tirhkoh Vanlalduhsaka, Gov’t Complex Aizawl ten thu an sawi bawk. Inkhawmpuiah hian palai 2305 vel an kal a ni.

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