YMA Sub-Hqrs Champhai huaihawtin Inrinni khan Raltlante dahna tur hmun singsa in hnatlan a ni.
Champhai khawpui chhungah a hlawma raltlan dahna tur a awm mumal tawh loh avangin Inrinni khan ITI Building, Champhai Zote chu raltlante dahna turin singsak a ni a. Sub-Hqrs YMA Champhai thuthmun Branch hnuaia Branch 4 – Zote, New Champhai, Zion Veng leh Bethel Branch te an hnatlang a, ITI Building-ah hian raltlan 1000 vel dah theih beisei a ni.
SYMA Champhai huam chhungah raltlan hi 6000 vel an awm mek a, Tuipuiral Group YMA huam chhungah raltlan hi 2585 awm mekin, Vanhnuailiana Group huam chhungah 2000 vel leh Champhai khawpui chhungah 2000 chuang an awm mek a ni.
F.Lalrinmuana, President, SYMA chuan, Champhai District chhunga raltlante hian mimal leh pawlho chhawmdawlna avangin chhuanchhamin an la awm lo tih sawiin, sahimna zawnga Mizorama rawn raltlante tanpui kawnga inhawng zel turin mipui a sawm a ni.

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