Myanmar ram tualchhung buaina thleng mekah tun hnaia Chin State-a inkahna thleng avangin raltlan an luh belh zel a, Champhai District chhungah raltlan mi 6000 chuang an awm tawh.
Tun dinhmunah Tuipuiral Group YMA chhinchhiah danin an huam chhungah raltlan mi 3,150 an awm mek a. Champhai lamah pawh raltlan an luh belh zel a, SYMA Champhai chhinchhiah danin Champhai khawpui chhungah raltlan hi 3000 chuang an awm mek a. Hnahlan tlangdung Vanapa Group YMA huam chhungah raltlan 27 an awm mek bawk a, hriat theih chinah Champhai District chhungah raltlan hi 6,000 chuang an awm mek a. Heng bakah hian chhinchhiah loh, mahni chhungte bel mi eng emaw zat an awm bawk.

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