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Myanmar tualchhung buaina avangin Mizoramah raltlan an rawn luh belh zel a, raltlan rawn lut zinga zirlai 319 te chuan Mizoramah zirna an chhunzawm mek.
Tuipuiral Group YMA chhinchhiah danin, Tuipuiral huam chhunga khaw hrang hrangah raltlan zinga zirlai naupangte’n zirna an chhunzawm a. Farkawnah zirlai zirna chhunzawm tam berin 146 an awm a, Khawbungah zirlai 49, Dungtlangah zirlai 10,
Zawlseiah zirlai 39, Khuangthingah zirlai 7, Vaphaiah zirlai 36, Zawngtetuiah zirlai 2, Thekte-ah zirlai 25, Lianpuiah zirlai 1 leh Bungzungah zirlai 4 ten zirna an chhunzawm a. Primary School-ah zirlai 195, Middle
School-ah zirlai 109 leh High School-ah zirlai 13 ten zirna an chhunzawm mek.

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