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District Legal Services Authority leh District Mental Health programme Champhai tangkawpte chuan World Mental Health Day denchhenin Awareness Campaign an buatsaih.
Nimin khan District Legal Services Authority leh District Mental Health programme tangkawpin World mental health day denchhenin MZ Home, TNT Champhai ah Awareness an buatsaih a. Vanlalmuani Pachuau, Clinical Psychologist in Home a awmte hi rilru hrisel pawimawhna leh rilru hrisel neih dante a zirtir a. Lalramsanga, Secretary DLSA Champhaiin thu a sawi bawk.
Bharat Ka Amrit Mahotsav pualin DLSA Champhai hian Hmunhmeltha leh N.Khawbungah Legal Awareness Camp leh Door to Door campaign an buatsaih bawk a. T. Lalruatfamkima leh Lalchawiliana, Advocate te’n an zirtir a ni.
Tunkar chhung khan Bulfek, Hruaikawn, New Hruaikawn leh Zokhawtharah te Legal Awareness Campaign leh Door to Door campaign hi an lo buatsaih tawh bawk a. Bharat Ka Amrit Mahotsav pual hian Champhai District leh Khawzawl District-a khaw awm zawng zawng an tlawh chhuak vek dawn a ni.

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