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District Hospital, Champhai chu RT-PCR khawl dawng tur zingah UNICEF/ICMR in a thlang.
Dr. Zatluanga, DMS chuan ICMR in RT-PCR khawl dawng tur zingah District Hospital, Champhai chu thlan zingah a tel tih hi kumin July thla vel khan e-mail in an dawng tawh tih sawiin, hmalak nghal a nih thu a sawi a. Hmanmawh taka tih theih erawh a ni lo tih a sawi a, a hmunhma te uluk zawka chinfel a ngaih avangin engtikah nge khawl hi bun a nih theih dawn hriat a nih loh thu a sawi a, hetihlai hian RT-PCR bun theih tura hma laksak turin thuneitute an ngen tih a sawi bawk.

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