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October thla chhung khan Champhai in ruahtui mm 50.3 a dawng.
Kumin chhung hian Champhai ah ruahtui mm 1438.1 a tla tawh a, January thla khan ruahtui tla lovin July thla khan ruahtui mm 435.2 a tla a, hei hi kumin chhunga Champhai in ruahtui a dawn tam ber tum a ni. Kumin chhung hian thla tin Champhai in ruahtui mm 143.81 a dawng ziah ang a ni a
Hetihlai hian kum 10 kalta. chhunga October thla chhung bikah kum 2017. October thla khan ruahtui tlak tam ber tum niin, mm 179.8 a tla a, kum 2016 khan October thla ah ruahtui mm 0.8 tla in hei hi kum 10 kalta chhunga Champhai in October thla chhung bika ruahtui a dawn tlem ber tum a ni a Kum 10 kalta chhunga October thla chhung bikah Champhai in ruahtui mm 1184.54 a dawng thung.

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