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Vawiin ni 4.11.2022 (Zirtawpni) dar 3:00 pm khan Pu K. Lalmawia thlam New Champhai ah mi tutih hriat loh ruang chhar a ni.

Thlamah hian ruang chhar hi inawkhluma hmuh niin amah hi kum 25 vel a upa, hang lam pang feet 5’3 vel a sang a ni a. T-Shirt dum lampang, Truck jaket pawl a dara a vara tial leh Truck kekawr dum hain Nike plastic chapal a bun bawk. Amah hriattheihna tur engmah hmuh a nih loh avangin District Hospital,Champhai Morgue House ah dah hrih a ni.

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