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Nizan hmasa dar 5:30 vel khan Pu Mamawia Building saklai, OK Motor Workshop bulah mi pakhat ruang chhar a ni a, ruang chhar a ni tih-Champhai Police hriattir an nih hnuah Champhai Police te hian tih tur tul ang ang te ti nghal in ruang chhar hi Lalhmangaiha, kum 33, David C. Ramdinthara fapa, Aizawl Thuampui a ni tih finfiah a ni a, Police te’n ruang hi an endik hnuah kutthlakna hnuhma hmuh tur a awm lo va, Lalhmangaiha ruang bulah hian damdawia
inchiuna hmanrua hmuh tel niin Police te chuan Drug Over Dose a thi a nih an rin thu an sawi. Lalhmangaiha ruang hi a chhungte hnenah hlan niin Champhai Police Station-ah Un-naturalDeath Case ziahluh a ni.

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