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Hming : KT. Vanlalchuana
Kum : 54
Thih Chhan : Lungna
Veng : Ruantlang
A nupui : Zorammawii
Thih ni : 22.5.2021, Dar 2:45 p.m.
Vui hun : 23.5.2021, Dar 10:00 a.m.
A fate
1. K. Hmingthansangi W/o Lalnunchama, Sesawng
2. Vanlalhmangaihi Khiangte, W/o Lalmuankima, Ruantlang
3. Vaninmawii W/o Samuel Lalrinzuala Chhangte, Ruantlang
4. Raphael RC Zothanpuia, Ruantlang
5. Vanlalremruatsanga, Ruantlang

A ruang hi Tlaivarpui tur a ni ang.

Sawkarin SOP a chhuah mai bakah, kan vengah hri kaite sulhnu chhui lai mek kan neih avang’in Mitthi vuinaah mi 30 aia tam kal phal a ni lo va; Veng/khaw dang atang pawhin an thisen zawmpui te chauh lo chu, tumah rawn kal lo turin Ruantlang VLTF chuan min ngen a. A kal ten hmai tuam vek tur a ni.

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