Champhai Police leh CID SB Champhai tangkawp te chuan Heroin hawng 23 leh a neitu a puh an man.
Nimin chhun dar 12 vel khan Champhai Police Check Gate, Chalbawia Junction paltlang tur lirthei an endik Pick-up chung a phuarbeh tuithawl chhungah Heroin hawng 22, gram 172 a rit leh a neitu a puh Thangngaihliana, Champhai Bethlel Venga cheng ni a insawi chu an man a. ND&PS Act tlawhchhanin thubuai siamsak niin nimin khan Champhai District Court-ah hruai niin Lung Inah khung nghal a ni. Heroin hi
tualchhung hralhna a chhutin cheng nuai 11 hu a ni.
Champhai Police ten Heroin an man hi Commercial Quantity a tling phak a, kum 10 atanga kum 20 thleng Lung In tang tura hrem theih a ni.
Champhai Police te hian nizan hmasa khan Champhai leh Aizawl Maxi Cab service atangin Heroin hawng 1, gram 14 a rit, cheng 50,000/- hu leh a neitu a puh Lorence Thilroneih, Haflong Assam ni a insawi chu an man bawk.

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