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Thawhtanni tlai dar 3:40 vel khan Excise and Narcotics Enforcement Staff, Champhai te chuan heroin hawng khat (12gms) chu Hruaikawn peng, Zokhawthar Road-ah an man a. A neitua puh Lalbiakliana (21) s/o Mangkhanpauva,
Venghlui, Teikhang a awm nia insawi pawh an man tel nghal bawk.
Excise and Narcotics Enforcement Staff, Champhai ruihhlo man hlut zawng hi tualchhung rate-ah Rs. 30,000 a ni a, a neitua puh hi ND&PS Act hnuaiah thubuai siak sak niin, Champhai District Court-a hruai a nih hnuah Champhai District Jail-ah dah luh a ni.

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