Tuipui tlawhchhan YMA Joint Committee chuan October thla chhung chu Tuipui luia luidung nungcha man lo turin mipui an ngên.
Tuipui tlawhchhan khaw hrang hrang – Sailulak, Leng, E Lungdar, Biate, Riangtlei, Bungzung, Khawbung, Zawlsei leh Khuangthing Branch YMA Joint Committee chuan kum danga an hmalak tawh thin angin, kumin 2021 sangha fuan hun chhung, October thla chhung hian Tuipui Luidung nungcha man lo turin mipui an inngên thar leh a. Kum kal taah mipuiten an ngennate an ngaih pawimawhsak avangin lawmawm an tih thu an sawi a. Joint Committee hian kum 10 chuang humhalh tawhin, luidung nungcha pawh zawi zawiin a pung zel tih an sawi a. Ramngaw leh luidung nungcha humhalh a, dimdawi taka enkawl chu chhuan lo kal lehzel tura an tu leh fate ten chenna tlak khawvel an siam theihna pawimawh tak a nih thu inhrilhin, theihtawp chhuah turin an inngen thar leh a ni.

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