Sap zufang man leihbua

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Tlangsam Branch YMA kumpuan ‘Ruihhlo do’ bawhzuina tura Sub-Committee an din, Kumpuan Sub Committee in tun hnaia Myanmar atanga dan lova lakluh, Myanmar
Beer Case 65 (Can 1,560) an man chu nimin khan an leihbua. Beer an leihbuak hlut zawng hi Cheng 3,12,000 man vel a ni. Tlangsam
Branch YMA chuan Myanmar atanga ruihhlo tawlh rukte theitawp chhuahin an dang zel dawn tih sawiin, Tlangsam chu ruihhlo zuar
awm lohna hmun (Dry area)-a puan a nih theihna turin hma an la zel dawn tih an sawi bawk.

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