Champhai District chhunga sawrkar enkawl Primary leh Middle School-ah zirlai naupang 8,299 an awm a, Private School-a zirlai aiin sawrkar sikula zirlai hi 1,752 in an tlem zawk.
DEO Champhai Office chhinchhiah danin Champhai District chhungah Sawrkar enkawl Middle School 66 awmah zirlai 3,896 te’n Sikul an kai a. Zirtirtu 423 awmin Zirtirtu pakhatin zirlai naupang 9.2 enkawl ang an ni a, Zirna in pakhatah zirtirtu 6.4 zel awm ang an ni. Sawrkar enkawl Middle School 66 zinga 29-in Non Teaching
Staff an nei a, a dang 37 te erawh chuan an nei lo thung.
Primary School bikah chuan Sawrkar enkawl School 74 awmah zirlai naupang 4403 awmin zirtirtu 307 an awm a, zirtirtu pakhatin naupang 14.3 enkawl zel ang an ni a. Zirna in pakhatah zirtirtu 4.2 zel awm ang an ni a, heng zirna in 74-ah te hian Non Teaching Staff nei an awm lo a ni.
Champhai District-a Private School, English Medium nena khaikhinin Sawrkar enkawl Sikula zirlai naupang hi 1,752 in an tlem zawk a, Private School-ah hian zirlai naupang 10,051 an awm a ni.
Sawrkar enkawl High School 46-ah zirlai 1883 awmin zirtirtu 267 an awm a, zirtirtu pakhatin naupang 7 zel enkawl ang an ni a, zirna in pakhatah zirtirtu 5.8 zel awm ang a ni bawk. Higher Secondary School 7 awmin zirlai 424 an awm a, zirtirtu 78 awmin zirna in pakhatah zirtirtu 11.1 zel awm ang niin zirtirtu pakhatin zirlai 5.4 enkawl zel ang a ni bawk.
Champhai District-ah Myanmar atanga raltlan zingah zirna chhunzawm hi 1,558 an awm a. Primary School-ah zirlai 1020; Middle School-ah 395; High School-ah 143 te’n zirna an chhunzawm a ni.

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