Mizoram Scholarship Board Secretary Pu JH. Zoremthanga chuan, Scholarship chu naupang harsa zawkte tanpuina anih avangin a theih ang tawk a lo buaipui vek turin zirna in hrang hrangte chu Mizoram Scholarship Board in a ngen a ni a ti.
Khawzawl District huamchhunga Primary School, Middle School, High School, Higher Secondary School leh College tana Workshop-cum-Seminar on Online Application of Scholarship Schemes and Awareness Campaign, Govt. Khawzawl College Multipurpose Hall a nimina buatsaihah he thu hi Mizoram Scholarship Board Secretary Pu JH. Zoremthanga chuan a sawi a. Mizoram bikah hian Tribal leh Minority Scholarship hi zirlaite dil tam ber a ni a, tun dinhmunah Mizoram pumah zirlai nuai 2 deuh thaw in heng Scholarship hi an dil tih sawiin Scholarship hi a dil thei tak tak chauhin an dil tur a ni a ti a. Tunah hian Mizoram District hrang hrangah Mizoram Scholarship Board chuan Workshop-cum-Seminar hi an nei mek tih sawiin tunah hian Tribal Scholarship dilna Portal, chu an khar thu leh District hrang hrangah Workshop-cum-Seminar an neih zawhah Portal hi hman theih turin an hawng leh dawn tih a sawi bawk.
Seminar-cum-Workshop buatsaihah hian Khawzawl District hnuaia khaw hrang hrang atangin Primary, Middle, High School, Higher Secondary School leh College aiawh mi 83 an tel a, chawhma lamah Minority Scholarship dil dan inhrilhhriatna neiin chawhnu lamah Tribal Scholarship dil dan inhrilhhriatna an nei leh a, Pu Lalramthana, Data Entry Operator, Mizoram Scholarship Board in zirtirna a pe a ni.

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