Champhai Bethel High School chu nimin khan Keilungliah lui thianfaiin an hnatlang.
Nimin khan Champhai Bethel High School zirlai leh zirtirtute chuan Champhai tuitlan hnar, Keilungliah tuikhuah chawmtu lui hrang hrangte thianfaiin an hnatlang a. Bethel veng lui, Pu Ruma tuikhur mawng leh Mawngchiah lui-in Keilungliah tuikhuah a finna vel an thianfai a ni. Bawlhhlawh chi hrang tam tak chhar khawmin Plastic bur ruak tam tak an lakhawm a, an bawlhhlawh chhar khawm Polythene bag-a an dahte chu bawlhhlawh paihna hmunah an paih nghal a ni.

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