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Nimin khan Khawzawl District huam chhunga Power & Electricity Department hnuaia thawkte tan Seminar on Energy Conservation and Electrical Safety buatsaih a ni.
Khawzawl Electric veng YMA Hall a State Designated bultuma Seminar buatsaih hi Er. Laldawngliana, Electrical Inspector chuan a kaihruai a. Vansangliana, Project Coordinator, SDA in PPP hmangin Energy
Conservation Agency chungchangah zirtirna a pe a. Er. H. Zonunsanga, Chief Electrical Inspector in PPP hmangin Electrical Safety chungchang zirtirna a pe ve thung a ni. He hunah hian P&E Khawzawl K.Duhsanga EE hovin thawktute an tel tha hle.

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