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Champhai a zirna in hrang hrang te chuan Exam chawlh an hmang mek.
Primary Section te hian tun thla ni 16 atang khan Exam nei tanin, ni 26 khan exam an zo fel a, ni 27 atang khan Exam chawlh hmang tanin thla thar ni 4 thleng khian exam chawlh an hmang ang a. Thla thar ni 5 atangin zirna in hawn leh a ni ang a, zirna tan chhunzawm nghal a ni ang.
Middle Section te chu ni 16 atang khan exam an nei tan a, tunah hian exam hi la kallai mek in thla thar ni 2 ah exam hi an zo ang a, ni 2 chawlh an nei ang a, thla thar ni 5 atangin zirna in hawn chhunzawm lehnghal a ni ang. Secondary School leh Higher Secondary School te pawh ni 16 atang khan exam nei tanin thla thar ni 2 ah exam an zo ve ang a, thla thar ni 5 ah school an lut lehnghal dawn a ni.
Primary Section te hian kumin kum tluanin zirna an chhunzawm hnuah December ni 7 atangin kum thar January ni 6 thleng thlasik chawlh an hman leh hnu ah zirna tan leh in kum thar February ni 12 atangin Final Exam an nei dawn a ni. Middle Section chuan kum tluana school an kal hnu ah December ni 12 atangin thlasik chawlh an hmang ang a, kum thar January ni 7 ah school an tan leh ang a, kum thar February ni 12 atangin Final
Exam an nei tan dawn a ni.
Secondary school chuan December ni 3 atangin 2nd trem exam an nei ang a, thlasik chawlh neih chhunzawmin kum thar January ni 7 ah school an tan leh ang a, February ni 12 atangin Final Exam an nei ve leh ang. Higher Secondary School chuan November ni 4 atangin exam an nei leh ang a, December ni 14 atangin thlasik chawlh hmang ve leh in kum thar January ni 7 atangin school
tan leh a ni ang.

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