SP in kawng chungchangah mipuite hriattur thupek chhuah

Champhai District SP Lalrinpuia Varte chuan nimin khan thupek chhuahin, Champhai – Khawbung kawng siam mekah Dilkawn leh Buang peng inkar kawng siam mek a nih avangin, thupek chhuah a nih atanga tun thla chhung, Dilkawn leh Buang peng inkar kawngah lirthei tlan dan tur a siam a. Zing dar 6:00 atanga dar 9:00 inkar leh chawhnu dar 1:30 atanga dar 2:30 inkar kawng hawn a ni ang a. Zing dar 9 atanga chawhnu dar 1:30 inkar leh chawhnu dar 2:30 atanga zan dar 6:00 inkar kawng khar a ni thung ang.

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