Sumdawng pawlte chawl loin chhunzawm zel

Champhai Importers-Exporters Syndicate (CIES) chuan nimin khan Covid 19 dona turin tanpuina an sem chhunzawm leh.
CIES hian nimin khan Covid 19 dona kawnga a tul apianga hman turin VLTF hrang hrang
hnenah tanpuina an sem chhunzawm leh a. Tlangsam, Zote, Hmunhmeltha leh Zion Veng
VLTF te hnenah Cheng 5000 theuh tanpuina an an pe. CIES hian VLTF 17 te hnenah Cheng
Sang 5 theuh, VLTF pathum hnenah Cheng Sing 1 theuh pein, Zokhawthar YMA hnenah Cheng Sing 5 an pe bawk a. DDMA Champhai District hnenah Covid 19 dona turin Cheng Nuai 3 an pe tawh bawk. CIES in tanpuina
an sem chhuah hi a vaiin Cheng 4,65,000 a tling tawh a ni.

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