Champhai Maxi Cab Stand atan CHANEM Building chu nimin khan enfiah a ni.
Nimin khan Addl. SP, C. Lalengliana hovin, Champhai Police Station OC, H.
Vanlalthanga leh DTO R. Lalnunkimi te bakah Champhai to Aizawl Maxi Cab Welfare hruaitute leh Counter nghaktute chuan CHANEM Building Groud Floor chu Maxi Cab Stand atan hmun tha a ni ang em tih an enfiah a. Thuneitute chuan Champhai leh a chheh vel atanga Sumo service zawng zawngte leh, Champhai to Aizawl Service zawng zawng te chu CHANEM building-ah hian khung khawm vek an duh tih he hunah hian sawilan a ni.
He hunah hian Sumo-a ruihhlo, Heroin No. 4 hawng 1 an thawn, a neitu hriat loh an man chu Champhai Police Station OC hnenah Maxi Cab hruaitute chuan an hlan nghal a ni.

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