SYMA Executive Committee in Conference thlir lawk

Nimin khan YMA Sub Headquarters, Champhai Executive Committee thut khawm a ni a. Conference Agenda rawtna lutte ngaihtuah a ni.
SEC hi YMA Sub Headquarters Office Tlangrawt-ah an thu. YMA Sub Headquarters Conference Agenda rawtna, thuthmun branch hrang hrang atanga lutte chu ngaihtuah ho niin, Agenda pawm zinga 6 chu sawrkar khawih niin, agenda 4 chu YMA khawih a ni thung. Hei bakah hian, Group YMA atanga agenda lut 5-te chu Conference Agenda-a chhawp chhuah tur atan pawm a ni a. Kum 2021 atanga kum 2023 chhunga YMA Sub Headquarters hruaitu atana Nomination lut mi 9-te chu pawm an ni bawk.
YMA Sub-Headquarters Conference vawi 7-na, March ni 19-a Kahrawt Community Hall-a neih tur atan Programme Committee an din fel bawk.

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