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Law & Judicial etc. Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Inrinni zing khan YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai hnenah Oxygen Concentrator a pe. Oxygen Concentrator hlanna hun hi YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai Office Tlangrawtah neih a ni a.
F.Lalrinmuana President, YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai chuan a kaihruai a. He hunah hian thu sawiin Minister chuan, Oxygen hman ngai damlo mamawhtu kan awm thin avangin YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai hnenah hian ka hlan a ni, a ti a. Champhai bial hmasawnna tura YMA te nen inpawh tak leh thawh hona tha tak an nei chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, Zo hnahthlak inpumkhatna tura hmalakna te thlengin thahnemngai taka tha thawhtu YMA te chu hemi kawnga thawkho zel turin a sawm bawk.
YMA Sub-Hqrs. Champhai hruaitute chuan Minister in Oxygen Concentrator a pek avanga lawmthu sawiin, Champhai District in hmasawnna atana a mamawh thil chi hrang hrangte an sawipui nghal bawk.

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