Nimin atang khan SYNOD Rescue Home Champhai chu luah tan a ni ta.
SYNOD Rescue Home hi Kumin April ni 19 khan Synod Moderator, Rev Dr. C Lalhlira’n a hawng a. Nimin atang khan luah luh tan niin, thawktu mi 7 te’n an vil dawn a, nimin tlai lam thleng khan patient mi 7 te an lut tawh a ni. Rescue Home-a lut turte hi Covid 19 an kai leh kai loh endik vek a ni bawk.
Synod Rescue Home hi Champhai Vengthlang Presbyterian Kohhran ram hawh niin, Synod-in Rescue Home atana a hman duh chhung zawng Champhai Vengthlang Kohhran hian Synod hnenah pein Land lease pawh Synod kutah hian an hlan bawk a ni. Rescue Home dinna tur hian Synod-in ram nei tawh mah se, peih a nih hma chuanChamphai Vengthlang Kohhran ram hi luah hawh rih a ni dawn a ni.

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