Synod Rescue Home turah hnatlang

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Nimin khan Champhai Venglai Presbyterian Kohhran chu Chhanchhuahna In, Synod Rescue Home-a hman zui tur tifai leh siam thain an hnatlang.
Champhai North Presbytery in Synod Inkhawmpui-a a lo thlen tawh angin kumin atangin Synod Rescue Home chu kalpui tan tum a ni a. A hmun atan hian Synod-in a lo zir chian tawhna atanga ruahmanna a siam angin Chhanchhuahna In, New Champhai-a mi chu hman a ni dawn a. Hemi atan hian nimin khan Champhai Venglai Kohhran-te chu a hmasa ber turin Chhanchhuahna In leh a chheh vel te hi tifai leh siam that ngai te siam thain an hnatlang a, nimin hnatlangah hian mi 36 an
thawk chhuak thei a ni.
Synod chuan Pensioner, Rev.H Lalrinmawia chu Synod Rescue Home Director turin a dah fel tawh a; Managing Committee te dinin tunah hian hma lak tan mek a ni a; Synod Rescue Home hi kumin May thla bawr vel atanga kalpui tan theih beisei a ni.

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