Sialhawk Branch YMA chuan Ningani khan an huam chhunga mi harsa In an sak sak.
Sialhawk Branch YMA ten In an sak sak hi Pa-hmei a ni a, In hi Assam type-a sak niin a dung feet 24 leh a vang feet 15 a zaua sak a ni a. In sakna tur a chung rangva hi Tuichang Bialtu MLA Tawnluia tum sak a ni a; W.Chhuanawma, ZPM Gen. Hqrs Consultant-in a bang tur Tile leh thingzai eng emaw zat a tum sak bawk a. Sialhawk Branch YMA member hnatlanga thawk chhuakte hian an chak neih ang ang te an thawh chhuahpui bawk a.
VC leh mi thilphal te’n hmarua an thahnem tak an thawh khawm bawk niin thu dawn a ni bawk.

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