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Mizoram Border Traders’ Association chuan Thawhlehni khan DDMA Champhai, SYMA leh VLTF hrang hrang tanpuina sumfai an pe.
Mizoram Border Traders’ Association (MIBOTA) hian Covid 19 dona kawnga a tul apianga hman turin District Disaster Managment Authority leh SYMA Champhai kutah Cheng Sing 1 an pe a. Champhai khawpui chhung veng 19 VLTF te tanpuina Pawisa fai an pe bawk a ni. Mizoram Border
Traders’ Association te’n tanpuina pawisa fai an sem chhuah hi Cheng Sing 6 a ni.
Thawhlehni khan Champhai KTM Family-te
chuan YMA Day pualin Charity Ride hun an hmang a. Champhai KTM Family-te’n YMA Day vawi 86-na puala Charity ride hun an
hmanah hian hri leng vanga member nawlpui tel a rem loh avangin OB-te chauh an kal chhuak a, Melbuk VLTF leh Kelkang VLTF-te tanpuina sum fai an pe a ni.

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