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Nimin khan Ist Inter Village Swimming Championship 2022-a Best Swimmer-a thlan Teresa Lalrinchhani chu Vengthlang North khawtlangin ropui takin an lo hmuak.
Hmuahna hun hi Vanlalenga, Vengthlang North VC Vice President chuan kaihruai in, K.Rothanga, VCP chuan thu sawiin, an veng ti hmingthatu Teresa Lalrinchhani chu Vengthlang North khawtlangin an chhuang tak zet tih a sawi a. VC dangte chu Team-a an tel laia amah chuah a, Veng/khua intihsiaknaa pathumna Vengthlang North a nihpui thei chu thil ropui tak a ni tih a sawi bawk. He hunah hian Vengthlang North YMA, MHIP leh Aquatic Association, District Sport Committee aiawh te’n thu sawiin lawmpuina thilpek an hlan a.
Teresa-i chhungkaw aiawh te’n thu an sawi bawk a ni. Aquatics Association of Mizoram buatsaih Ist Inter Village Swiming Championship 2022 neih zawh takah hian Teresa Lalrinchhani hi Vengthlang North VC aiawha telin Breaststroke, Free Style leh Backstroke-ah Gold 3 a lak bakah Butterfly-ah Bronze medal lain Best Swimmer atan thlan a ni a; He Championship-ah VC/LC 25 zingah Teresa-i hi Vengthlang North aiawha amah chauha a tel chungin a pumpuiah 3-na a ni thei a ni.

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