Teikhang khua in tanpui

Covid 19 hri kai hmuhchhuah an awm avanga inkhuahkhirhna khauh zawk puanna, Mimbung khawtlang tan Teikhang mipui te’n chawhmeh an pe.
May ni 28 khan Mimbung khuaah hri kai hmuhchhuah an awm avangin Mimbung khuaah inkhuahkhirhna khauh zawk puan a ni a. Hetianga mipui chhuah vah phalsak an nih loh avang hian Teikhang mipui chuan an chawhmeh an neih ang ang te thawhkhawmin
Mimbung khawtlang hi an pe a. Teikhang VLTF te chuan Mimbung VLTF kutah chawhmeh bakah tanpuina Rs. 5250 an hlan a ni.

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