Champhai Zotlang Branch YMA chuan an ram chhunga Sava thangkam thahnem tak an tichhia.
Champhai Zotlang Branch YMA hian an ram chhung, Thingpuia Luia Sava thang thahnem tak an tihchhiah bakah thangkamna tura siam hmun eng emaw zat an ti chhia a. Sa channa tura siam Thangte pakhat an tichhe bawk a ni. Zotlang Branch YMA hian an ram chhunga ramngaw leh nungchate khauh takin an humhalh mek a, an ram chhunga thei awm hrang hrangte a kung chawpa kit an awm thin chuan an rilru a tina tih sawiin, a kung nena kit tawh lo turin an ngen bawk a ni.

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