T.Vanlalhnema kum 27 hi nimin zing dar 9:30 vel khan a chenna inah thia hmuh a ni a, T. Vanlalhnema hi Mahindra Workshop-ah Cashier hna thawk niin, Mahindra Workshop bul New Champhai ah amaha in luahin a cheng a. Champhai Police-te hnenatang thu dawn danin T. Vanlalhnema hi Electric in a man hlum nia hriat a nia, aruang an hmuh lai hian Electric hrui a lo la vuan a, a in bula Sangha a khawinaah Electric pek a tumna lamah Electric hian a man ta ni a rin a ni. A ruang, hi nimin khan an khua Kawlkulha vui turin lakthlak nghal ani

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