PHE Department hmalaknain Champhaiah Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM) hmangin khaw 7-ah Water Supply Scheme kalpui zinga khaw pathumah zawh fel a ni tawh.
Dilkawn-ah Rs. Nuai 93.50 hmanga tuilak hna thawh chu za zela 90 zawh a ni tawh a. Chhungkaw 212 hnenah Tui Connection pek chhuah a ni tawh a, Vaikhawtlangah Rs. Nuai 273.3 hmangin Tui lakna siam zawh tawh niin chhungkaw 217 hnenah Tui pek tawh a ni a. Lungphunlianah pawh Rs. Nuai 230.13 hmangin thawh zawh a ni tawh bawk a. Chhungkaw 82 hnenah Tui Connection pek fel tawh a ni. Tuipuia Rs. Nuai 69.6 senga siam mek chhungkaw 113 Connection pek theih tura ruahman chu za zela 90 zawh a ni tawh a. Zokhawthar ah Rs. Nuai 423.40 senga siam mek, chhungkaw 212 chawm thei tur chu za zela 44 thawh zawh a ni tawh bawk.
Jal Jeevan Mission hmang hian Tuilakna hi Khawbungah Rs. Nuai 260.11 hmanga thawh niin za zela 70 zawh fel a ni tawh a. Farkawnah Rs. Nuai 416.3 hmanga siam niin, za zela 60 an zo tawh bawk a. Sesih-ah Rs. Nuai 125.24 hmanga siam niin, zo fel tawh in, Chhungkaw 227 te Tui connection pek an ni a. Thekteah pawh Rs. Nuai 55 hmanga siam niin zo fel tawh in, Chhungkaw 110 te hnenah Tui connection pek an ni tawh bawk.

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