Champhai Nature Conservancy leh Champhai District Photographers’ Society in Landscape leh Street photography competition a buatsaih chu result puan a ni.
Thla in lak nalhsiak hi Category 4 ah then niin, Mobile Street Photography ah Moonshine chu pakhatna niin Raymond chu pahnihna a ni a, Mali Renthlei chu pathumna a ni. Mobile Landcape Photography-ah Robert Hmar chu pakhatna a ni a, Rempuia Pachuau chu pahnihna niin Moonshine chu pathumna a ni. DSLR Street Photography ah Joel Lalruatfela chu pakhatna niin, VL Nghaka Renthlei chu
pahnihna a ni a, TPa Jahau chu pathumna a ni a. DSLR. Landscape-ah Jay Eichh Jr. chu pakhatna niin, John Hruaia chu pahnihna a ni a, VL Nghaka Renthlei chu pathumna a ni. Pakhatna hian Rs. 5000 an dawng a, Pahnihnain Rs. 3000 dawngin Pathumna hian Rs 2000 an dawng bawk. 

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