Thubuai 6 ziaklut :

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November thla chhung khan Champhai Police Station-ah thubuai 6 ziahluh a ni.
Thla liam ta November thla chhung khan Champhai Police station-ah thubuai 6 ziah luh niin, October thla chhunga thubuai ziah luh aiin thubuai 9-in a tlem zawk a. Thubuai ziahluhte hi Rukruk thubuai 1, Lirthei chesuala thihna thleng thubuai 2, Bawlhhlawh paihna hmun ni lova bawlhhlawh paih thubuai 1 leh Myanmar atanga dan lova Vawk phurh luh thubuai leh ND&PS Act hnuaia thubuai 1 ziah luhte a ni.

Champhai Police Station

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