Tui Pump-na khawl chhia siam

Pathianni atanga PHE Department tui pump-na khawl chhia chu mi thiamte nen siam that hna thawh mek zel niin, Diesel khawl, hun rei lote chhung chauh tui pump theih chu nimin atang khan darkar 7 chhung tui pump theih a ni tawh a.
Electric khawl chhia erawh chu khawl thar chah nghal niin, kawngah a thang mek a ni. Harsatna dang a awm loh chuan ni tin Diesel khawl hmang hian darkar 15 chhung tui pump tum a ni a, tui hi Quota chanve aia tam hreta sem chhuak turin ruahmanna an siam mek tih PHE Dept. hotute chuan an sawi.


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