Tuipuiral Group YMA te tanpui turin inpeih

Tuipuiral Group YMA chuan Myanmar atanga Zohnahthlak raltlan an awm chuan sorkar rawn chungin anmahni tuamhlawm turin an inpeih reng tih an sawi.
Tuipuiral Group YMA chuan thuchhuah siamin, Myanmar a sipai sorkar a din thar leh avanga Myanmar rama Zohnahthlak unaute tawrhna leh harsatna pawi an tih thu sawiin, inhumhim ngai an nih phawt chuan sawrkar hotute berawn chung zelin an huam chhunga YMA Branch hrang hrangte chu raltlante lo tuam hlawm turin an inpeih reng tih an sawi.

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