Bethel Presbyterian Kohhran Hmeichhia leh Vengthar MUP te’n raltlan tanpuina an pe.
Champhaia Kohhran hrang hrang leh tlawmngai Pawlte chu raltlan te tan an luang chhuak chhunzawm zel a. Inrinni zing khan Champhai Vengthar MUP te chuan raltlan chhawmdawlna turin Bufai, thawmhnaw leh bungrua thahnem tak SYMA kaltlangin an pe a. Bethel Presbyterian Kohhran Hmeichhia te chuan raltlan te tan mutbu thahnem tak SYMA Champhai kutah an hlan bawk.
SYMA Champhai kaltlanga raltlan chhawmdawlna hlantu zawng zawngte chungah lawmthu sawiin SYMA chuan, raltlante hnenah a tul angin an sem chhuak zel thin tih an sawi bawk.

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