Nimin khan UD&PA Champhai te chu kawngpui dunga bawlhhlawh chhar faiin an hnatlang.
UD&PA thawktute chu MizoFed Petrol Pump atanga tanin Aizawl Road kawngpui dunga bawlhhlawh chhar faiin an hnatlang a, UD&PA thawktute chuan bawlhhlawh paihna hmun ni lo kawngsir maiah bawlhhlawh paih a tam hle tih sawiin mimal insakna bungrua kawngsirah paih a tam hle tih an sawi a. Faina kawnga hma lak mek anih laia hetianga bawlhhlawh paih kawnga mipui an thangharh lo lutuk chu lungchhiatthlak an tih thu sawiin faina kawnga thawhhopuiah mipuite an sawm bawk a ni.
Nimin khan bawlhhlawh paihna hmun nilo vangtlang ram, vangtlang hmuna bawlhhlawh paih Champhai Kahrawt Veng ami chu Solid Waste Management Bye-Laws 2020 dan hnuaiah hrem niin Rs. 1000/- chawi tura hriattir a ni.

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