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Champhai District chhungah African Swine Fever avangin Vawk 495 a thi tawh.
Zirtawpni khan Saikhumphaiah ASF vangin Vawk thi a awm belh leh a, heti hian Saikhumphaiah African Swine Fever vanga Vawk thi 147 a awm tawh a. Bulfekzawlah 51 a thi tawh bawk. Heng khaw pahnih tih loh African Swine Fever lenna hmuna puan mekah tun hnaiah Vawk thi a awm belh tawh lo va, Zokhawtharah Vawk 257 thi tawhin, Farlui chhuah Ruantlangah Vawk 25 leh Sesih-ah Vawk 9 a thi tawh a. African Swine Fever vanga Vawk thi hi Champhai District chhungah 495 a tling tawh a ni.
ASF a darh zel lohna tura District Magistrate-in District pawn atanga Vawk, Vawksa leh Vawksa atanga thilsiam lakluh leh thawn chhuah khapna thupek a chhuah chu khauh taka kenkawh zui zel a ni.

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