Thawhlehni zing 7:30 khan Vengthlang Hall chu hawn a ni.
Vengthlang Hall hi Vengthlang thlanmual hlui, Bethlehem venga sak niin, a hawnna hun hi
Vengthlang Branch YMA President, F. Vanlalliana’n a kaihruai a. PCI, Champhai Vengthlang bialtu, Rev. Lalrinfela Pachuau chuan hunserh hmangin, Vengthlang Branch YMA Ziaktu, T. Daniela’n hall din a nih dan leh sak dan te a tarlang a. Vengthlang Hall hi
Vengthlang Branch YMA OB hmasa ber zinga la dam awm chhun, Lalchungnunga’n a hawng a ni.
Vengthlang Hall hi Cheng Nuai 80 vel senga sak niin, 2011 April thla atang khan sak tan a ni a. Vengthlang Branch YMA chuan a neitu chan chang mah se, hall hi mipui ta a nih avangin Vengthlang YMA Hall ti loin, a huapzo thei ang berin Vengthlang Hall tiin a hming an sa a ni.

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