SYMA Champhai Kum puan Sub Committee chuan hnam dang ILP endik an rel.
Nimin khan SYMA Champhai hnuaia Kum puan Sub Committee chu an chairman, T.Lalnunsanga hoin SYMA Office, Tlangrawtah an thukhawm a. Thukhawm chuan MZP Hqrs Champhai nena tangkawpin, Champhai khawpui chhunga hnam dang ILP endik ni se tiin an rel a ni. SYMA Champhai Kumpuan Sub Committee chuan Zokhawthar kawnga YMA duty ni-a inchhala duty an awm tih an hriat chu chhui zuiin mi 2 an chhui chhuak a; hetianga YMA duty anga inchhala duty tawh lo turin an hriattir nghal a ni.

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