YMA Group Conference hmang

YMA Branch 23 awmna, Tuipuiral Group YMA chuan nimin khan Sesih Community Hall-ah Inkhawmpui an hmang.
Tuipuiral Group YMA Executive Committee-in a lo rel tawh angin Group YMA Conference vawi 44-na chu nimin khan ni khat awha hman
a ni a. Chawhmaah rorel inkhawm leh report ngaihthlak niin, Sawrkar khawih Agenda 2 leh YMA khawi Agenda 15 chhawp chhuah a ni a. Chawhnu lamah hruaitu thar thlanna hun hman niin, Palaite hi lehlanga kalin, Inkhawmpui hi a hun chhung tawi thei ang ber tura ruahman a ni.

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