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Neihdawn Branch YMA chuan an khawtlang a chhiat tawk chhungte hna an thawh sak.
Kum 2006 atang khan Neihdawn Branch YMA hian an khawtlanga chhiat tawk an awm in, chhiat tawk chhungte hna tul apiang thawhsakin YMA hnatlang an ko thin a. Nimin pawh khan nimin piah lamah an khawtlang ah chhiat tawk an awm avangin YMA member 100 chuang zet chuan chhiat tawk chhungte hna a tul ang ang thawk in an hnatlang a. Hnatlanga chhuak te hian chhiat tawk chhungte mang an khawh sak bakah thing an phurhsak a, lirthei nei ten an lirthei an thawhchhuah pui bawk a ni.
Neihdawn khuaah hian In 140 vel awm mek in, mihring 800 vel an cheng mek a ni.

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