Zeng hri danna pechhuak

Nimin khan Champhai District CMO hnuaiah Sub-Centre, CHC leh PHC hrang hrangah zeng hri danna pekchhuah a ni.
Dr. R. Lianmawia, CMO sawi danin nimin khan Undivided Champhai District chhung hmun hrang hrangah zeng hri danna hi pekchhuah a ni a. Booth 161 ah leh Transit Point 3 ah te pekchhuah a ni. Tun tumah hian naupang 12,935 hnenah zeng hri danna hi pek tum a ni a, nimin tlai thleng khan 11,687 te hnenah hri danna hi pek a ni.
Bungzung PHC ah naupang 290 te hnenah pek a ni a, Khawbung PHC ah 561, NE Khawdungsei ah 341, Kawlkulh PHC ah 897, Biate CHC ah 231, Khawhai PHC ah 424, Mimbung PHC ah 404, Rabung PHC ah 269,
Sialhawk PHC ah 350, Champhai Main Centre ah 5005, Khawzawl PHC ah 1714 leh Ngopa CHC ah 747 te pekchhuah a ni. Zeng hri danna hi naupang kum 5 chin hnuailam hnenah pek thin a ni.

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