ZET in a thlawnin zirlai mit endik

Ni 4 chhung awh tur Zoram Entu Pawl ten Champhai ‘khawpui chhunga H/S zirlaite tana Free Eye Camp an buatsaih chu nimin khan Govt. GM High School-ah tan a ni. Bul tanna hi C.Lalbiakzauva, DEO chuan hmanpuiin ZEP in zirlaite tana a thlawna mit entirna an buatsaih chu lawmawm a tih thu sawiin, tunkar chhung hian Champhai khawpui chhunga H/S 20-te tlawh chhuak hman turin ruahmanna siam a ni, a ti a. Hriselna, zirna tihhmasawnna, eizawnna ngelnghet dinna leh vantlang hmasawnna atana ZEP hmalakna leh Project neihte chu lawmawm a tih thu a tarlang bawk. Nimin khan Govt. GM H/S,
Hmunhmeltha H/S leh Vengsang H/S zirlaite mit en a. Tarmit vuah ngaite chu India Vision Institute nen tangdunin a thlawnin tarmit an pe dawn a ni.
Vawiinah King Solomon’s, Einstein leh BC
English Academy zirlaite mit an en leh ang. ZEP hi Catholic Kohhran hnuaia Charity Club niin, Society in an ding a. Mizoram District Hqrs.a H/S zirlai zawng zawngte mit an endik sak dawn a ni.

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